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Love Actually

"Kayla Catan, who plays Kiera Knightley, Samuel, Aurelia (renamed humorously for this piece) and others was especially a stand-out.  Her characters felt clear and active, her energy palpable even from the back row."

  -Brittany Crowell, Front Row Center

"Leading the pack is Kayla Catan, a burst of unbelievable comedic energy and joy, who bounces between nailing a myriad of characters..."

        - Natalie Rine, Onstage Blog


"Their hilariously heightened performances keep us in hysterics. Catan makes us cock our heads and think, Yeah, Keira Knightley really does smile like that."

        - Zachary Stewart, TheaterMania


"Catan is the stand out, playing Keira Knightley"

        - Ken Kaissar, Theatre Is Easy

"Kayla Catan is hilarious as a wide-eyed and vapid Keira Knightly."

        -James Wilson, Talkin' Broadway

"Kayla Catan kills as Keira Knightley, her eyes growing impossibly large"

        - Stanford Friedman, OffOffOnline

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