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Snippet of "I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone" from Punk Rock Girl!
FEATURED ON: "2 Girls 1 Closet" Podcast
"In this week's episode, Off-Broadway actor Kayla Catan is our guest! We had the idea of bringing Kayla on our show because we found out that she and five other actors play 60+ characters in the off-broadway production of 'Love Actually.' Questions and thoughts that came to our minds were: 'How does one remember that many character's lines?' 'That backstage area must be organized AF!!' 'Did you ever accidentally end up in the wrong costume for the wrong scene?' Kayla answers these questions plus much more! Make sure to follow Kayla on Instagram for show updates and more!"
for Love Actually: The Unauthorized Musical Parody
Spring Awakening @ Civic Theatre of Allentown
[Martha] - (
First Singer)
The Dark I Know Well - Kayla Catan (as Martha)
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Photo Cred: @iam_reilly
Fashion Academy the Musical @ Vital Theater Company
[Mickey] - (First Singer)
Open The Door - Kayla Catan (as Mickey)
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Dress The World - Kayla Catan (as Mickey)
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Promotional Video for Fashion Academy:
fashion academy marie_edited.jpg
Edited Image 2016-01-28 19-25-10
Photo Cred: @eife22
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